Types of Plumbing Pumps in Fort Worth, TX

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Learn About The Different Types of Plumbing Pumps

Using the right type of equipment and materials in your plumbing systems makes a huge difference. If you were to install the wrong type of plumbing pump, the results can be costly and devastating. No matter if you are dealing with flooding in the basement or are in need of an industrial pump, there is always a tool that is correct for the job. Pumps will come in different sizes, modes, materials, and in two main categories: non-submersible and submersible. It’s important that you know about the different types of plumbing pumps to avoid costly repairs and disasters in your plumbing system. If you want to learn more about the various styles of plumbing pumps, be sure to call 817-244-4370 today!

About Submersible Pumps

This type of plumbing pump is, as its name implies, able to be submerged. Submersible pumps, like any others, will break down into other categories such as sewer injectors, sump pumps, and transfer/pony pumps.

Sump Pumps – These pump types are often installed in residential buildings when a basement is located below the water table. The lower levels that tend to accumulate water should count on a sump pump installation.

Sewer Ejector Pump – These are crucial because they prevent clogs in the sewer line. It will handle the pumping and moderate amounts of wastewater.

Pony/Transfer Pump – This is designed to move certain quantities of water from one spot to another. For instance, it is useful to move flooded basement water to another location.

About Non-Submersible Pumps

Different from submersible pumps, non-submersible ones are designed to stay away from water and remain dry. These are easier to maintain and access, as they are not in contact with waste nor submerged underwater. 

One of the common uses of non-submersible pumps is for circulating hot water through homes. This makes it an energy-efficient and low-maintenance function. These are also referred to as circulator pumps.

Each pump will have its specific use and maintenance requirements. It is important for you to consider this before making a final decision and purchase.

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At S.W.A.T. Plumbing LLC, we understand the importance of counting on the correct equipment for specific plumbing repair jobs or site constructions. Whether you need to take care of a simple residential plumbing repair or have a massive basement floor, you need to count on the right information and materials to properly select, install, and use the right pumps. Call 817-244-4370 today for more information. Since pumps are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and power modes, you need to make sure you are choosing the correct option for your home.

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