Water Heaters

icon-maintenanceComprehensive Support for Tankless and Standard Tank Water Heaters

Your water heater is an essential part of the daily productivity of your home or business, and without it, you could face a serious plumbing disaster!

For years, the elite team of licensed plumbers at SWAT Plumbing have been providing Bedford home and business owners with exceptional standard and tankless water heater repair and installation services.

Water Heater Installation for Your Home or Business

While most water heaters are designed to last for many years, you will have the occasion at least once or twice in your life to need water heater installation services.

In fact, proper water heater installation service is the foundation of having a system that you can count on each and every day.

The team at SWAT Plumbing knows how essential, accurate water heater installation service is, and that is why we maintain a high-level of training and experience working on a variety of water heating systems:

● Tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater is the most energy-efficient system that you can install. The initial cost to install a tankless system is the most expensive but, the savings over time pays for the cost within a year.
● Gas water heaters. A gas powered water heater uses natural gas to keep the heating element how, and the water heated to the right temperature. These systems are a bit more expensive to install but, far more energy-efficient than electric systems
● Electric water heaters. The heating element for conventional water heaters is either powered by gas or by electricity. The electric water heater systems are the least expensive to purchase and install. However, they are the most expensive to run each month.

To avoid any type of major plumbing disaster – make sure to contact SWAT Plumbing for water heater installation services that you can count on!

There Are Signs You Should Look For That Indicate Water Heater Repair Needs


Your water heater is used several times throughout the day, and a variety of things can go wrong with it.

Simple wear and tear from daily use can lead to a breakdown in the system, which will require water heater repair.

While water heaters are built to last, and to withstand the heavy use, a well-used water heater will eventually break down and need water heater repair.

Some common signs that you should call SWAT Plumbing for water heater repair are:

● A lack of hot water
● Water that smells of rotten eggs
● Water that is discolored
● Water leaking from the tank or around the base of the unit
● Noises and creaking coming from the tank

Your water heater is extremely important to your daily productivity – don’t risk it by letting just anyone provide your water heater repair services!

Call SWAT Plumbing right away if your water heater is showing signs of needing repair. We are a top-rated plumbing company providing Bedford business and homeowner with exceptional water heater repair support.

Thankfully, you only have to make one call to SWAT Plumbing and our team of top-notch plumbers will arrive at your home or business on time, and with the equipment and experience to provide you with top-rated water heater repair service and second-to-none customer service.