Water Heaters

icon-maintenanceArlington Tankless and Standard Water Heater Installation & Repair

While you may not think about it once the water heater installation process is over – you do use your water heater several times throughout every single day.

In fact, there are few tasks that you do in your home or business that don’t require hot water. Things like washing dishes, taking a shower, doing a load of laundry – all of these important activities require a fresh supply of hot water.

Imagine the disruption and stress that would arise if there was a need for water heater repair and you didn’t have a source of hot water!

The expert team of professional plumbers at SWAT Plumbing knows how important your water heater is and that is why we work hard to maintain a high-level of training and knowledge about all makes and models of water heating systems.

Arlington Water Heater Installation Services

As technology advances, so does the plumbing industry and the choices you have for your new water heater are diverse.

At SWAT Plumbing, we celebrate advanced in plumbing technology by making sure that we stay up-to-date on all of the latest technique and trainings for all makes and models of water heating systems.

Some of the heater systems we support include:

  • Gas water heating systems. At the bottom of a standard tank water heater there is a heating element that powers up to heat the water that is stored in the tank. For gas water heating systems, the heating element is powered by natural gas. These systems are more energy efficient than electric systems
  • Electric water heating systems. Some standard water heating systems are configured so that the heating element is powered by electricity. These systems plug into the electrical system of the home and, if the power goes out, the water in the tank will begin to cool.
  • Tankless water heating systems. A tankless water heating system is the most energy-efficient system that you can have. These systems provide hot water on an as-needed basis, so the system is only engaged when the hot water handle is turned on at a fixture.

Whether you need water heater installation service for your new tankless system or, you need water heater repair support for your electric or gas system – the team at SWAT Plumbing can help!

Having a water heater malfunction is a plumbing emergency, and that is why our team is committed to answering your call any time day or night!

Does Your System Need Water Heater Repair Support?

Since your water heater is used at such a high volume, there are many things that can go wrong.

Thankfully, all you have to do is call SWAT Plumbing and our team of professional and licensed plumbers will get your system back up and running!

Some of the issues that we provide water heater repair support for include:

  • Foul smelling water, smells of rotten eggs or sulfur
  • A water heater tank that is leaking water onto the floor
  • Discolored water coming from your faucets
  • Creaking or other noises coming from your water heater
  • Having no hot water at all

If you notice any of these signs with your water heating system, make sure to contact SWAT Plumbing right away for outstanding water heater repair.

Making sure that you have a professional team of licensed plumbers to provide your water heater repair is crucial to the overall maintenance of your system.

Make sure you call SWAT Plumbing of Arlington! Our team of professional and licensed plumbers are ready to provide you with outstanding water heater installation and repair services!