Slab Leaks

icon-repairAny type of residential or commercial leak on your property can be very stressful and damaging. Chief among them are those leaks that occur in the foundation of your structure.

For this reason, it is essential that you have access to thorough and efficient slab leak detection services for your North Richland Hills home or business.

Making sure to minimize the negative impact of a slab leak is crucial to protecting your home or business from expensive damage.

These situations can quickly lead to conditions that are hazardous to the health and safety of you, your family, or employees.

What Is A Slab Leak?

Some of the causes for residential and commercial slab leaks include:

icon-residential● Poor quality construction. If there was any damage done to your plumbing system when it was installed, that damage will escalate with time and use to the point of being a leak in the slab foundation of your building.
● Poor water quality. Having highly acidic water moving through your plumbing system will lead to corrosion and a breakdown of your pipe material. This process leads to weaknesses in the pipes, and eventually, to leaks.
● High water pressure. Your plumbing pipes are built to manage a certain level of water pressure. However, if the water pressure set for your water is too high – it could lead to damage in your pipes and leaks in your slab foundation

Each of these potential causes for slab leaks should be further investigated by a professional with specialized training in slab leak detection.

Don’t trust your slab leak detection to just anyone – call the highly-skilled team at SWAT Plumbing!

What Are The Signs Of Slab Leak Damage That I Should Look For?

Since slab leaks occur under the ground and under the cement slab foundation of your home or commercial building, it is very difficult to know when they have occurred.

However, if you notice any of these signs, call our team right away:

icon-commerciall● There are cracks in your flooring or in the walls
● There is the sound of water running – even when the all of the faucets are turned off
● There is a large amount of moisture in your carpet but, there is no obvious reason for it
● There is a smell of mildew, or there is visible mold growing
● There is a spot on the floor that is hot to the touch

As soon as you see signs of any of the above, make sure that you call SWAT Plumbing right away!

The sooner we can provide excellent slab leak detection services, the sooner we can repair your slab leak and protect your home or business from any further damage.

How Will SWAT Plumbing Provide Slab Leak Repair For Me in North Richland Hills?

Some of the steps that the team of experts at SWAT Plumbing will follow to provide you with outstanding slab leak repair include:

● Using specialized training and equipment to provide slab leak detection services
● Removing flooring and sub-flooring above where the leak has been proven to be
● Breaking up concrete and removing pieces and chunks to fully access damaged pipes
● Removing faulty pipes and providing repair services
● Re-pouring concrete and replacing all flooring to leave space better than when we found it.

These are the general steps for a slab leak repair project and are in no way inclusive of everything that our team will have to do to provide your specific slab leak repair.

We are available anytime day or night for all of your plumbing emergencies. Our North Richland Hills team will use our years of experience and specialized training to make sure you receive thorough and accurate slab leak detection and slab leak repair support.