Slab Leaks

icon-residentialProfessional Slab Leak Detection in Benbrook

Having a “normal” plumbing leak in your home can create a lot of damage. However, a slab leak is a serious problem, and you need professional slab leak detection right away.

With a slab leak, the damaged pipe is installed under the ground and under the cement foundation of your home.

These leaks will lead to infinitely more damage to your home than your “normal” household leaks.

It is essential that you call SWAT Plumbing right away for professional slab leak detection if you notice any signs of slab leak:

● Your water bills are getting increasingly higher
● You can hear water running … when all of the water in your home or business is turned off
● There is excessive moisture in your carpets – without an obvious explanation
● A spot on the floor that feels hot
● You can smell the sweet aroma of mildew, or you see mold growing
● You notice cracks in the flooring or walls

Each of these signs must be investigated with professional slab leak detection sooner than later. The sooner that the slab leak is found, the sooner that a repair can be implemented and damaged is minimized.

What Caused The Slab Leak in my Benbrook Home or Business?

● Poor water quality. Poor water quality that is highly acidic can cause corrosion to your pipes and create weaknesses that lead to leaks
● Poor construction. If your home or commercial building has damaged pipes, low-quality pipes, or pipes that were poorly installed you may be eventually facing a slab leak. If pipes have burst or cracked, water will leak into the foundation as well. Once the foundation slab has been poured, there is no way to know if any of the pipes are damaged or in trouble – the only way to know is to have professional slab leak detection services
● High water pressure. When the pressure of the water that is running through your pipes is too highly pressurized – the result could be pipes that crack from the inside out.

If you suspect that your plumbing system has any of these has any of these vulnerabilities, make sure to contact SWAT Plumbing right away.

Our team will expertly and precisely use slab leak detection technology to locate your slab leak and get the repair that you need!

How Does Slab Leak Repair Work?


Once we have used slab leak detection to locate your problem, we will then use our years of training and specialized equipment to provide slab leak repair.

These projects are very delicate because the flooring of your home or business must be removed, the cement of the foundation needs to be broken up and the damaged pipe repaired.

The team at SWAT Plumbing has the special skills to make sure that this is done professionally and with as little disruption to your daily productivity as possible.

We are committed to making sure that your home or business looks as good if not better than it did before we arrived!

You can count on SWAT Plumbing of Benbrook for the highly-specialized slab leak detection and repair needed to get your home or business back up and running in no time!

Call us today if you notice any signs of slab leak – we are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.