Slab Leaks

icon-residentialThings like a leaking pipe under a bathroom sink or, a worn washing machine hose that is dripping can create puddles of water and lead to serious water damage.

Once the water damage has occurred, the problem can be compounded by the growth of mold and mildew.

Additionally, soft wood or sheet rock that has been water-logged is the perfect home for insects to come and build their nests.

What’s even more damaging to your Bedford home or business is a slab leak in the foundation of your structure.

It is crucial that you call the team at SWAT Plumbing at the first sign of any of these indications of a slab leak:

● Your water bills are getting increasingly higher
● There is excessive moisture in your carpets – without an obvious explanation
● You can hear water running … when all of the water in your home or business is turned off
● You notice cracks in the flooring or walls
● A spot on the floor that feels hot
● You can smell the sweet aroma of mildew, or you see mold growing

Have any of these signs of trouble investigated right away! With a leak, time is money and getting them assessed by a professional plumber who has experience with slab leak detection is essential.

How Does A Slab Leak Occur?


There are a variety of reasons that a slab leak can occur, and each of them requires professional and efficient slab leak detection.

● Poor quality construction. If there was any damage done to your plumbing system when it was installed, that damage will escalate with time and use to the point of being a leak in the slab foundation of your building.
● Poor water quality. Having highly acidic water moving through your plumbing system will lead to corrosion and a breakdown of your pipe material. This process leads to weaknesses in the pipes, and eventually, to leaks.
● High water pressure. Your plumbing pipes are built to manage a certain level of water pressure. However, if the water pressure set for your water is too high – it could lead to damage in your pipes and leaks in your slab foundation

A leak that goes without slab leak detection will lead to serious amounts of water damage. Once the foundation and building materials of your home or business are damaged by water, the next level of damage is the growth of mold and mildew.

Call SWAT Plumbing right away if you notice any signs of a slab leak or need slab leak detection.

How Can SWAT Plumbing Provide Slab Leak Repair For My Home Or Business?

The process of providing slab leak repair is very delicate. There are many facets to it, and it can be fairly disruptive.

The general process of slab leak repair includes:

● Removing faulty pipes and providing repair services
● Using specialized training and equipment to provide slab leak detection services
● Repouring concrete and replacing all flooring to leave space better than when we found it.
● Removing flooring and subflooring above where the leak has been proven to be
● Breaking up concrete and removing pieces and chunks to fully access damaged pipes

Do not delay – call SWAT Plumbing of Bedford right away if you suspect you might have a slab leak!

Locating a slab leak sooner than later is essential to minimizing the amount of damage that it will cause.

Professional and efficient slab leak detection from SWAT Plumbing of Bedford is the best way to locate your slab leak sooner than later.

When you call SWAT Plumbing, you will be working with a team of highly-skilled and trained professionals who are committed to providing outstanding customer care.