Sewer Lines

icon-repairIf you are a home or business owner in Benbrook, you know how important it is to properly maintain the various systems of your home.

It is a big job to make sure that everything is properly maintained and in top working order all the time.

We provide sewer line repair around the clock, and are available 24/7! You can call us for your toughest and most complex sewer line cleaning and sewer line installation needs!

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

The “minefield” of utility lines that are buried in the ground outside of your home or business makes it essential that only a qualified and trained professional provide sewer line repair and replacement at your home or business.

These projects can be highly-technical, and an experienced professional can anticipate a problem and implement a fix before it escalates.

Some of the causes for sewer line repair that SWAT Plumbing has experience with are:

● Clogs. It is not uncommon for sewer line repair clogs to develop due to wads of hair, food, non-flushable paper products, and grease or animal fat. These clogs can be stubborn and could cause a backup of raw sewage into your home
● Tree roots. When trees are planted in your yard, their root system will grow as far and as wide as necessary to source the food and water that the tree needs to thrive. This could even include growing into your sewer lines.
● Sinking pipes. Your sewer lines are buried in the ground, meaning that the only thing they are laying on is dirt. If this dirt gets too soggy due to flooding or if it shifts for some reason, your sewer lines will move with it.

All of these sewer line repair causes are serious trouble and must be addressed by a professional right away.

SWAT Plumbing knows how emergent a sewer line repair can be, and that is why our team of experienced and highly-trained plumbers are available around the clock!

What is Hydro Jetting and How Can it Benefit my Sewer Line?


Hydro Jetting is a process of using highly-pressurized water to break down clogs and buildup in the sewer line, so it can all be pushed through the pipe and out to the treatment facility.

Some of the major benefits of scheduling a Hydro Jetting appointment with SWAT Plumbing include:

● We use a double-approach to ensure that your sewer lines are thoroughly cleaned. We have the experience and equipment to scrape your sewer line pipes with a drain snake, and then use Hydro Jetting technology to push all of the scraped debris and residue out of the sewer line.
● While some sewer line cleaning systems include harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your pipes and to the environment – with Hydro Jetting from SWAT Plumbing, you don’t have to worry about any of that because Hydro Jetting is just a highly-pressurized stream of water!
● In addition to outstanding sewer line repair and cleaning, you will also receive a thorough and comprehensive video inspection of your system. This is very helpful information so that you can stay informed about the condition of your sewer line

Make sure that your sewer line is kept in top working condition – call SWAT Plumbing for all of your Benbrook sewer line repair, installation, and cleaning needs.

Our team has years of experience and is highly-trained in all of the equipment and techniques necessary to professionally and efficiently provide sewer line repair, replacement, and cleaning support.

Call us today! We are available at all hours of the day or night for all of your sewer line repair needs!