What To Do When Your Toilet Flushes By Itself

Have you ever been at home when your bathroom toilet flushes all by itself? Often called ghost flushing, this is a common problem with a simple solution. Your ghost is probably a damaged flapper, the rubber plug that raises and lowers when you flush, allowing water from the tank to fill the toilet bowl. Here’s what to do when your toilet flushes by itself.

Step 1: Color Test

To see if a damaged flapper really is the problem, drop a little food coloring into the tank. If you see the colored water begin to appear in the bowl, the flapper is the culprit. If the colored water does not appear right away, you may need to wait a few minutes.

Step 2: Replace The Flapper

You can find a new flapper for a low price at your local hardware store. Most are universal, but it may need a little careful trimming to fit perfectly. Before installing, be sure to turn off the water to your toilet and let it drain. Detach the old one from the chain and replace with the new flapper. Make sure everything works and fits before finishing up.


Many damaged flappers get warped because of blue cleaning tablets or bleach used in the toilet tank. To avoid future problems, avoid using such products.

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