Avoid A Holiday Plumbing Disaster With These Safety Tips!

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This is the time of year when most families enjoy getting outside and shopping together for various holiday gifts and items.

However, other than a trip to the mall or the usual outings to school and work, staying indoors and staying warm and comfortable is the priority.

This means more use of the systems of the home – specifically, the plumbing system.

With every member of the family staying indoors more and utilizing the plumbing system, it means that the plumbing system of your home is more at risk for damage.

In fact, the holiday season is the most common time of year for emergency plumbing issues to pop up.

There are some things that you and your family can do to avoid a holiday season plumbing disaster:

With the extra time inside comes extra cooking – especially during the holiday season. Make sure that you are being kind to your garbage disposal and you aren’t shoving things down the drain that should be put into the garbage can. An even better way to deal with food waste this winter is to have a compost bucket that you can use for spring planting when the winter is over.

The winter tends to be a time when people cook more meat. During the summer months it is easy to throw some chicken breasts on the barbecue grill. However, during the winter months these foods must be either fried or baked in the oven and that means animal grease droppings. Pour the grease into an empty metal can and not down the drain.

This is the time of year when a small plumbing issue can easily escalate to something major. Make sure that you are contacting a professional plumber when you need support and not trying to do things on your own – that you might not be totally comfortable with doing.

Make sure that your plumbing system works great all winter long by following these simple tips! This is the perfect time of year to have your plumbing system inspected and serviced by a professional plumbing to make sure that everything is in top working condition.

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