10 Awesome New Plumbing Fixtures for 2018

Plumbing is everywhere from your faucets to your bathtubs, laundry area and even how you heat your water. Here are 10 awesome new #plumbing trends and fixtures that will make your life easier in 2018.

Single-Handle Faucets
Single-Handle kitchen faucets are user-friendly and will make work in the kitchen and the bar area a snap. The Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet from Delta has Touch2O technology which allows a simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle to stop or start the flow of water.

Handheld Showers
Handheld showers work with nearly all bathroom styles and will make your next shower a more enjoyable experience. The 5-Function Hand Shower Kit from American Standard is easy to install and can be adjusted for height.

Drop-In Sink
If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, consider a drop-in sink. These sinks are easy to install, are mounted above the counter and come in a variety of styles. This version from Kraus makes washing large pots and pans a breeze.

Newer Toilets
Newer toilet models, such as the Aimes one-piece from Toto, use water more efficiently. If you’re in the market for a new toilet in 2018, consider not only water efficiency, but look for taller models which are great for those aging in place.

Fixture Finishes
Brass, chrome and black matte will be everywhere in 2018. While chrome has reigned supreme over the last couple years, try a black matte finish if you’re planning to replace a faucet this year. This model from Brizo has a sleek two-handle wall-mounted design that is great for modern bathrooms.

Free-Standing Bathtubs
While walk-in showers are still popular, free-standing bathtubs are making a comeback. An over-sized oval bathtub will transform your bath into a spa-like experience.

Foot-Activated Faucets
Talk about making cleanup easy! This foot-activated faucet from GROHE can be turned on and off by just tapping a sensor that is placed at the base of the cabinet. Foot-activated faucets can also help those with dexterity issues.

Stackable Laundry
Have you considered moving your laundry out of the basement and closer to the bedrooms? More people are opting for stackable washer and dryers that can be used on an upper floor. If you’re in the market for a stackable setup, you’ll have to decide if you want a front-loading washer, front-loading dryer and a stacking kit, which is usually sold separately or an all-in-one-piece model.

Pedestal Sinks
Pedestal sinks aren’t only classic, they take up less space and are showing up in mudrooms, laundry rooms and craft rooms. This version from St. Thomas Creations comes in a rectangular design, but pedestal sinks are also available in oval and oblong shapes.

Tankless Water Heaters
No matter what fixtures you have, you won’t get hot water without a water heater. More people are going tankless, opting for more efficiency and durability than you get with traditional water heaters.

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