Do plumbers repair gas lines?

Gas line repair

Is gas line considered plumbing?

Even though gas is one of the cleanest and sustainable energy sources we have, it is scary and for several good reasons. The warnings we get from the gas company tell us when we smell natural gas to evacuate and call them and 911. There is nothing more scary than a gas leak in your home, and this is why getting professional gas line repair and service is important when you do have a gas leak or need a gas appliance installed. 

Many things around your home are DIY doable, but when it comes to needing gas powered appliances installed where there hasn’t been a gas connection, calling a professional to do any  gas line repair and installation is always the best idea and strongly recommended. Installing and gas line repairs should never be attempted by a non-professional that is experienced and licensed in working with gas lines. 

Yes, yes, yes!  Most plumbers are trained and certified for more than just sewer lines, toilets, and water lines. However, not every plumber is, so when you’re looking for gas line repair or installation, clarify if they have specialty in working with gas. From gas line repairs, replacements, relocation, or installing gas powered appliance and gas water heaters, many plumbers can offer you more than simply basic water based appliances. 

Can I run gas lines myself?

As we have stated earlier, a gas line repair or install is not a homeowner DIY project. So, who to call to install a gas line or do repairs?  A plumber that is experienced and licensed in gas line services like gas line repair and installing. Not all plumbers are experienced or licensed, so you’ll want to verify that status and make sure they are insured too. 

Can you patch a gas line?

Again, and we can’t stress this enough, you should always call a professional plumber that has gas line repair and installation specialty. However, there are times when a gas gets scratched or tears and creates a gas leak and you can’t find a plumber. Especially if you live outside the city limits, it may take days to get a qualified plumber. 

How do you fix a leaking gas pipe?

In those cases, for a small leak, with some DIY expertise and a few tools, you can do your own gas line repair in house, taking every precaution possible. The recommended steps for doing your own broken gas line repair:

  • Turn the gas off and put on a gas mask and work gloves. 
  • Remove the plastic covers that are encasing the gas line.
  • Disconnect the low-pressure gas line from the gas regulator.
  • Remove the high-pressure gas line with a wrench and clean it out with acetone. 
  • Rub the high-pressure gas line and gas pipe surfaces with sandpaper then rub both with acetone again.
  • Reconnect the gas line loosely and apply rubber tape over the gas leak site, checking the line’s angle that the high-pressure line isn’t going to cause issues for the low-pressure gas line. 
  • Apply epoxy to the gas line as per the instruction on the package then let it sit overnight to cure. 
  • Only the epoxy has cured, connect the fittings securely to the high-pressure gas line.
  • Reconnect the low-pressure line securely.
  • Turn the gas on and check for leaks. If still leaking, undo everything and check all work and test again,
gas line through stove

Is a small gas leak dangerous?

Natural gas doesn’t have any odor and the rotten egg odor you relate to be natural gas is added by the gas supplier. This is a precautionary procedure, but that doesn’t make a gas leak any less dangerous. Over 60 million homes are powered by natural gas in the United States alone. It is used to heat homes and heat water, provide power to cook with, and more. When natural gas is burning correctly, it will produce water vapor, but when it isn’t burning correctly, it creates carbon dioxide.

Even when gas isn’t ignited, it can be a silent killer by way of suffocation from inhaling concentrated amounts and being asphyxiated. Signs of being affected by leaking gas is indicated by chest pains and fatigue as the body is oxygen-deprived and overdosed on carbon monoxide. Approximately 500 people in this country are killed by natural gas leaks annually. This is why getting any gas line repair done by a professional and as soon as possible is always recommended. It could be the different between life and death. 

If your home is powered by natural gas, you have one of the cleanest and sustainable sources of energy possible. While there are cautions to take with natural gas, it is also one of the fastest and safest ways to cook, heat your water, and warm your home.  If you move into an existing home that is powered by gas, make sure the home inspector checks all aspects of gas connections and tests them to for gas leaks. If any are discovered, require the seller to get all gas lines repaired before closing so that you can move into your new home with confidence. Call 817-244-4370 today for gas line repair in Fort Worth, TX.