Keeping Your Dishwater In Good Order

swat picWhether it is the summertime BBQ dishes or the fall season casserole pots – your dishwasher gets a real workout!

Having a properly and energy-efficient dishwasher can have a significant impact on your daily productivity.

When you wash dishes by hand, the process can take hours. However, loading the dishwasher doesn’t usually take more than 20-minutes, and uses significantly less water.

If your dishwasher breaks down, you could find yourself doing dishes for hours after dinner and, at the end of the month, your water bill will make a big impression!

The best way to avoid any kind of dishwasher malfunction, is to keep your dishwasher properly maintained.

Just like any other mechanical system, your dishwasher needs regular care and proper maintenance to ensure it is working well.

Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your dishwasher is in top working condition:

  • Make sure you are truly rinsing your dishes and not just scraping the food off. Any amount of residue that is left on your dishes can accumulate and create clogs for your dishwasher. Simply scraping the dishes is not enough – you must rinse them with hot water and get all of the food off.
  • Make sure that you read the operations manual for your dishwasher before you start using it. There is a specific way that your dishwasher was designed to hold dishes to get maximum cleaning effect. If you overload your dishwasher, or you load it incorrectly, your dishes will not get as clean as they need to.
  • When you are rinsing your dishes and loading the dishwasher, make sure that you are using hot water. The water that runs into your dishwasher comes from your kitchen faucet. So, if you already have the hot water there, then your dishwasher will run the load with hot water from the start
  • On a monthly basis, pour one cup of white vinegar into the bottom of your dishwasher and run the machine empty. This will help to break down any water deposits that are on the sprayer and sanitize the inside of your dishwasher.
  • Make sure that you know where the dishwasher filter is and that you clean it regularly. The dishwasher filter is designed to trap any solid particles of food that aren’t thoroughly rinsed from your dishes before they are put into the system. However, if you don’t clean the filter, a clog will develop.

Moving into the cold weather months, most people want to spend their after dinner time on the couch with a good book and a soft blanket.
Make sure to keep your dishwasher in top working condition with these tips! Having to stand on the cold floor in front of your sink for hours after dinner and hand washing a sink full of dishes is no way to spend your fall nights!

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